Hawkins and Brimble Shampoo and Conditioner - Jay Wicks

Lifestyle men's blogger, Jay Wicks, reviews the 'Hawkins and Brimble Shampoo and Conditioner':

With branding that echoes the barber-poles of old, the relatively new to the male grooming arena, Hawkins & Brimble look set to stay.

The ‘newbies’ are committed to blending form and function and claim to be cut from a different cloth to that of their rivals – bold claims from such a young brand, but do the products live up to the hype?

I’ve been trying out the Hawkins and Brimble Shampoo and Conditioner over the course of a few weeks to really gauge how they stack up.

Firstly, let’s just set the scene and make it clear on the frequency of use; I used to wash my hair daily with shampoo and conditioner and it was making my hair so brittle and of course, doesn’t conform to best practice.

I’ve since stopped doing this and now only wash with shampoo once every two – three days and have found my hair looks healthier as the natural oils take effect.

Hawkins and Brimble Shampoo

All of their products may be free of parabens, colourants and mineral oils but damn is it packed with a ginger punch in the face.

Quick to lather and fast to clean, the shampoo really is quick to get to work and the whole bathroom is filled with this sinus-unblocking aura.

After rinsing my hair was feeling stripped of any products I had in there, along with the natural oils accumulated over the few days between washing (ew).

This leaves your hair ready for stage two, conditioner!

Hawkins and Brimble Conditioner

Many of you may have read somewhere in the past about using coconut oil in your hair – not something I’ve ever thought much about as I dollop a load of the stuff to fry up some chicken Lean in 15 style.

It’s in abundance in the Hawkins and Brimble Conditioner, with the claims of smooth and shining hair after using – is it really that good?

After working into my hair and leaving it for a few minutes, my hair feels so clean and noticeably different. 

Different is the first word that comes to mind when describing the post-wash sensation – my hair is left feeling quite literally squeaky cleaning which is such an odd sensation!

After a towel-dry to get the excess off and a blow-dry on a medium heat, my hair was left super-soft, ultra clean and smelling so bloody good.

Is there a difference?

Ultimately, yes. My hair has been feeling cleaner, stronger (with less malting) and visibly more shiny before using products.

There’s also a noticeable difference post-product application – with my hair behaving itself a lot more with a reduction in frizz, too.

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