Hawkins and Brimble - Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

"It may have only launched last year but men’s grooming brand Hawkins & Brimble is already making a name for itself. Providing “vintage rituals for the modern man”, the H&B range allows you to re-create the traditional barbershop experience in a way that suits your busy lifestyle.

They’ve gone down the simple but effective route of creating uncomplicated products using natural ingredients. Everything is packed with softening argan oil, protective cocoa seed butter and moisturising almond oil, so you can enjoy a luxurious but effortless grooming routine.

The range includes shaving, skincare, beard care and hair care products which achieve unrivalled results. Simple to use, all products are infused with a delicate fragrance of almond and cocoa. I really can’t fault any of the products I’ve been using, Hawkins & Bramble have just kept it simple, and I’d be very surprised if this new brand with a traditional touch does not become a market leader within the modern man’s grooming range.

Highly recommended!"


Tony Flynn

My name is Tony Flynn and I’m a thirty something lover of men’s fashion, fitness, grooming, lifestyle, good food and great coffee! I have found since my late teens that people have more than often admired my fashion choices, the way I style my hair or trim my beard or even the lifestyle choices I make. This blog is my outlet to explore all these things at once and also in greater detail separately.