5 Top Grooming Tips for Guys

We love individuality here at Hawkins, we're all about being yourself and owning your own 'look'. But how exactly does one get to that look? Personally, we like to have some set ground rules to help us achieve what we're after, rules to keep us on the straight and narrow, and we're here to share them with you (you're welcome).

Facial Fuzz

First things first, and obviously something that's pretty important to us is facial fuzz and hair care. Whether you are beard and moustache free, or whether you favour the fuzz, you need to take care of whatever you have. A beard or moustache needs to be looked after, oiled, waxed, lovingly trimmed, and those crazy, stray eyebrow hairs need to be gone. The same goes for your hair too. Make yourself a regular at your local barbers and get everything cut every few weeks. Add it to your 'to do' list (we know you have one). A well-groomed face shows a man that likes to take care of himself.


Next up on our list is knowing the products that work for you. You don’t need to have a lengthy skin or haircare routine, you just need to find a few decent products to see you through. A good hair and beard product, neutral face wash (scrubs and soap can be bad for your skin so steer clear) shower gel, deodorant and after-shave. Keep it simple, nothing too fancy and nothing too strong smelling.


Sort your nails out! And by this we don’t mean getting a manicure down at the local salon, we mean keeping them clean and trimmed. If someone looks at your hands and sees nails full of dirt, that's not nice now, is it? And it's the same with your feet, if the suns out and you've got the flip flops on (or if it's the first sniff of sun in March and you're Antipodean) keep those toe nails nice and tidy.


Having a nice clean smile is important to us. Sadly, our mothers were right when they banged on about having to brush our teeth twice a day, we're sorry mums! Bad teeth stand out a mile, there's nothing worse than a yellow toothed smile and bad breath. We need to take care of our teeth (this isn't a dental lecture, don’t worry). Get yourself a good electric toothbrush, floss and use mouthwash. It's really straightforward and all a worthwhile investment.

Drink Water!

Our last tip, which isn't so much a grooming tip, more so an all over health tip, and that's to drink a good litre of water a day. It's good for your body and it's good for your skin. It helps keep your skin clear by flushing toxins out of your body (good for dry or acne prone skin) when the weather is hot or if you've been exercising it helps to keep you hydrated (again which is reflected in your skin), it keeps you regular, it helps prevent headaches and it can help boost your energy. All good things that contribute towards a better working, healthy body.

There are so many more tips we could give you, we haven't even touched on manscaping (yes, that's a thing now), but these are our top ones that should see you on your way.