6 Steps for the Perfect Shave

Since the launch of Hawkins & Brimble in December 2016, we have been running loads of consumer event. And during these events I am amazed by how many men have questions about shaving and especially on what they can do against rash in the neck, redness, ingrowing hairs etc.

A lot of it comes down to using high quality products and we would always recommend natural products, however the actual shaving routine is very important. Therefore hereby our 6 step shaving routine for the perfect shave.

Step 1: Preparation is key

Don’t be tempted to rush shaving. It’s an art form, and needs time and dedication to get it right. As our master barber Charles Fencott says ‘preparation is key to a great shave’. Start by preparing your skin with hot water – a warm wash cloth or shower before shaving will suffice. It helps to soften stubble and open up pores - Creating less resistance for the blade to run smoothly over the skin. It’s a simple tip, but one you shouldn’t be missing.

Step 2: Pre-Shave & Lather up

Once the skin has been prepped, use a pre-shave scrub generously. It will help to lubricate the glide of the blade, so you avoid over exfoliation – which in turn, will reduce any razor burn or irritation. Follow this by preparing a high-quality shaving brush, by heating it under hot water. This will open up the pores before your shave. Then apply a few dabs of shaving cream to your skin. Using your brush, work the cream into the face in a circular motion to produce a rich moisturising lather. You want to make sure your hair is in an upright position allowing the blade to catch the base of the hair, for a closer shave.

Step 3: Choose the right razor

Take into account what type of skin you’ve got, and what blade works best for you. For a fast an efficient shave, consider multi-blade razors with aloe strips to help lubricate and treat the skin as you are shaving it. They will also pivot to the contour of your face, resulting in less irritation. Be prepared to invest in your blade and not cut corners. You only get one face, so treat it like royalty, and change your blades regularly.

Step 4: Which direction?

It’s important to use a good mirror and lighting to help you shave carefully, and with precision. If your neck hair grows in an upwards direction, start from the bottom up. But only go to the point where the direction of the hair changes. Then, working from one sideburn across the face to the other, work your razor in a downward motion, again being careful not to cross the point where the hair direction changes on your neck. You should always stretch the skin with your hands wherever possible, trying not to contort your face. This keeps the skin flatter and reduces the chance of you cutting yourself. If you neck hair grows downward, just start from the top, working downwards and across your face.

It might be tempting to shave against the grain, in the hope of achieving a closer shave. But the reality will just be ingrown hairs, razor burn and irritation to the skin.

Step 5: The upper lip

Another sensitive area, the upper lip needs a careful and precise hand. To shave this section, use light, gentle strokes going downwards towards the outer area of your lips. Once this is done, rinse your face off with cold water to remove any remaining soap, as this could dry your skin out and cause breakouts. It's also important to use cold water, and this will close the pores. Pat with a clean, dry towel.

Step 6: Moisturise and soothe

Using a good quality post-shave balm is essential to the whole shave routine. It will help to restore moisture levels in your skin, and reduce any chance of inflammation or irritation.

Spending a little more time and effort on your shaving routine and choosing the right products can really help keep you looking younger, longer. And, ultimately, feeling better. Using these steps will massively up your grooming game and help you to become the shave artist you want to be, achieving a closer, better looking shave.