Big Boys' Boats: Aspirational Yachts

Super-yachts are truly the epitome of one having made it in life.  Almost completely redundant as a mode of transport – there are at least three modes that are faster, and less prone to sickness – they exist only to demonstrate a degree of wealth to others.

Generally defined as large, luxurious, professionally crewed motor or sailing yacht, ranging from 24 metres, to more than 180 metres in length Superyachts typically grace the horizons of either Mediterranean or Caribbean destinations, and serve as a floating palace for their super-rich owners.  Like having your own little navel frigate, these are vessels that need well-seasoned sailors to navigate them, leaving you with little worry as they slip effortlessly between exotic locations.

The main companies who accept superyacht commissions include;

Azimut: This Viareggio-based Italian owner company are ranked as one of the best in the world and specializes in A1-classed vessels of between 34 metres and 120 metres at the waterline.  While this size range may seem small in the world of superyachts, the opulence is unsurpassed.

SunSeeker: British-based and one of the oldest marine designers around, SunSeeker have focused on the luxury end of the market and are now synonymous with high-class pleasure yachting.

Feadship: A company that has been building luxury yachts from its base in the Dutch Royal Van Lent Shipyard since 1849, and now one of the most respected yacht-commission companies in the world.

So, the well-heeled love nothing more than sliding down to San Tropez or across to the Bahamas in a yacht that may have set them back many millions, but it’s not a world as exclusive as you may think, and for quite reasonable money, you can charter a luxury yacht and experience the same world as the super-rich. 

2017 saw a total build of 249 vessels that fell into the superyacht status, worth a staggering £2.9 billion! This figure had risen to 300 units in at somewhere approaching £3.5 billion in 2018, and they are not all commissioned for private use. There is a growing market for superyacht charters, and for a fraction of the price of ownership, you can hire a superyacht for that feeling of unbridled luxury.

Like any luxury vehicle that you may want to hire rather than buy, superyachts can be obtained through specialist brokers who ensure that you not only get value for money but are offered a vessel with a trained and competent crew, ready to sail you to any destination of your choice. Total freedom, total luxury.

Yacht charters typically come with everything you need already aboard, so there’s no need to stop off at the supermarket on the way to top up with champagne and smoked salmon.  The charter will come with a crew and sufficient resources – fuel and provisions – to make your voyage an experience like no other.

Superyachts are no longer the sole domain of the super-rich and with chartering available all over the world, getting in on the act has never been easier. 

What better way to make an impression that to sail in on a floating palace!