Creating the perfect morning routine

Creating a routine

Save time in the morning by not having to think about what you need to do. Perhaps it may be laying your outfit out the day before or planning your breakfasts for the week. Whatever makes your early start easier is worth doing to save time in the morning!

Finding that perfect cup of coffee

Do you have a spare 10 minutes in the morning? If you don’t, then make it! There’s no better way to start the day than with your favourite cup of coffee. Make swinging by your coffee shop your priority to get your day started right. If coffee isn’t your thing, a cup of hot lemon water is a healthier alternative!


After being scrunched up in your bed for hours, there’s no better way to start the day than by stretching out and getting your body ready for the day!


Clear your mind before life’s stresses take over. Meditation is great for your mental health and is the perfect way to relax before facing work stresses.

Start the day a little earlier

Wake up that extra 15 minutes or so earlier than you need to. This gives you time for yourself before you have to fully get started on the day, giving you some much needed you time.

Shower and shave

Appearances can play a strong part in how you feel. If you look great, you will feel great. Try Hawkins and Brimble’s refreshing scent of Elemi and Ginseng shower and shaving range to give you that awakening boost, and leaving you smelling amazing!