Our Beard Care Routine for a Great Beard

It’s a cold winter, with the kind of temperatures that make you realise why a good beard makes sense, but if you don’t treat it right, you could end up with something less than impressive and a bit sparse. Get it right and you’ll get admiring glances, get it wrong and people are just as likely to give you a wide berth.

Growing a good beard takes time and needs a routine, but you can also maximise your growth by adding some great products to it too. If you have decided to adorn your phizog with some face fur, congratulations, you have achieved step one. Now let’s get you started with a routine.

Let’s get one thing straight; growing a beard is a lengthy and fairly time-consuming process, but if you wait it out and treat it right, you’ll have something to be proud of. So, given that you are going to have a leisurely time of it, you need to start at the beginning and continue in the right way. While it is going to take time to grow your beard, you can start to define it from day two or three. Choose your beard line and carefully get rid of any hairs that fall outside of it. Shave to your line and do so every day, making your shape well defined from the start. If you try to do this once the beard is well established, it’ll go off badly to the left or something worse.

Clean it! That’s right – a clean beard is a healthy beard so before you shower, clean your beard properly first. Use a good quality beard shampoo mixed with a little warm water, making sure that you get all of the shampoo out with copious amounts of clean warm water. Once you have showered and washed all over, you can start moisturising everything.

Of course, you’re going to want to use your favourite moisturiser on your skin, but your budding beard needs a good dash of beard oil. Just put a few drops of the oil onto your palms and massage fully into your beard with your fingers. This will become more important as your beard hair grows and will ensure that each actual strand remains in great condition. Once you have oiled, you will also need to gently use a beard comb on your flowing facial locks. This not only prevents any chance the formation of snarls and wefting between the actual filaments, but is a great way to evenly distribute the oils over their whole length. As your beard grows, you will appreciate the efforts that you put in at the beginning.

Of course, like head hair, your beard will grow at different speeds on defined areas of your face, so almost right from the beginning you need to get into the routine of snipping away at errant hairs. The whole length can be kept in check using a good set of clippers with a suitable guard, but it is always worth getting handy with the scissors every day to keep it extra neat.

So, to recap, if you want to have head-turning facial hair (for all the right reasons) you need to follow a daily routing, comprising:

  1. Wash. Keep it clean with a specialist cleaner.
  2. Moisturise. Let the beard oil flow.
  3. Tend. Keep it knot-free with a comb.
  4. Snip. Check and treat with good sharp scissors.

Do this every day and your beard will not only feel great, but will absolutely shine with health. Go on, your beard deserves it..!