The Return of the Vintage Haircut

Like fashion trends, hairstyles repeat themselves time and time again. In recent years we have seen the return of previous generations hair, moustache and beard trends that are in fashion once again. As the trend of immaculate dressing and the art of being a gentleman has hit the mainstream again, we look at the hairstyles adopted by those who take male grooming trends to the next level and create a style that stands out.

The 1920s

A particularly classy decade, full of slicked back tidy styles and strong side partings. Typical 1920s looks feature mid-length style that can be slicked back with some pomade and combed to keep it looking sharp! Get an undercut around the back and sides to give this look a modern twist.


Similar to the 1920s style, keeping the hair slicked back with pomade to create a wet look, and also keeping the strong parting! Just grow your hair slightly longer to get this look!


The ‘James Dean’ is the most popular look from this decade, with a bit of length and lots of volume. Shave the back of the head and add wax, clay or pomade to give the top some volume and get that classic pompadour look!

The 1990s

With boybands coming back in to fashion over the last few years, so have the hairstyles they used to fashion! Create those boyband curtains or wet look hair by combing pomade through your mid length hair. The 90s are all about creating a casual style, but it may take more effort than you would think…

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