Top Gift Ideas this Father's Day

With Father’s Day (in the UK) just around the corner – it’s Sunday June 16th in case you were wondering – now is the right time to either start looking for gifts for your own father, or to start dropping hints about what you would like from the kids.  Spread the word early, and maybe you could end up with something that you really want rather than another book by Clarkson or a CD of the 25 Greatest Ever Driving Rock Songs…again!!

SKLZ Gold Flex - Golf Training Aid. (£79.99) Love golf but don’t really have anywhere to practice your swing?  Then look no further than the snappily named SKLZ Golf Trainer!  Essentially a ball on a flexible stick, the SKLZ is designed to be used when you can’t actually hit balls, it works as a substitute for a real club and starts to train your muscles to deliver a perfect shot every swing.   Ideal for practice when you have time – and the room – to swing it, making your real shots much more relaxed and accurate.

Tile. (£29,99) This neat little device is used for finding things that you routinely seem to put down and forget where they are.  Attach it to your keys and use the Tile phone App to locate them again.  You can put it on anything that you might want to track or find, such as cameras, luggage – it’s great at airport carousels – keys, or even your car.  The tracker works backwards too, so if you lose your phone, pressing the button on your Tile makes the phone ring so that you can locate it.

Uuni Outdoor Pizza Oven. (£199).  Move over Barbecues, there’s a new cooker on the block, and this one can make fresh Pizza! Pizza ovens are fast becoming the must have item for the summer.  Make a base, put on your toppings and place it in the oven and get it hot.  The Uuni (Ooni) uses environmentally-conscious wood pellets which are highly energy efficient and cook your food in no time. Capable of cooking a pizza up to 13” diameter, this is the perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecue.

Ugg Scuff Slippers. (£80). After a hard day at work, what could be better than sliding your feet into a pair of luxurious sheepskin slippers?  The new range from Ugg is the byword in sumptuous footwear, and the ultimate way to feel cozy and luxurious while around the house or around the supermarket if you like. Snuggle in, scrunch your toes, and relax…ahhhhh.

Obsidian Sterling Silver Bracelet. (£79). Stylish yet individual, this carved Obsidian bracelet by Thomas Sabo is an eye-catching mix of the ancient and the contemporary. The carved black spheres with mystic carvings are a counterpoint to the 925-grade silver clasp with the unmistakable Thomas Sabo logo formed into it.  This versatile accessory is a fascinating addition to any man’s wardrobe.

DeLonghi Scultura ECZ351BG Espresso Machine. (£149).  If you like your coffee just right, then get it every time with the latest DeLonghi Espresso machine with integral milk frother.  Able to use either ground coffee or Easy Serving Espresso pods, the 15-bar professional-level pump forces heated water through to make the perfect coffee.  With an easy three-button operation and auto shut-off function after 20 minutes, you can almost leave it to itself.  All you have to do is enjoy the excellent coffee.

Bosch EasyCut 12 Cordless Nano Blade Saw. (£140) Only slightly dangerous and definitely very cool looking, this is the way to prune the roses and carry out minor cutting jobs in the garden. Resembling a small chainsaw, the rotating 4mm chain allows you to cut straight into a piece of wood without pre-drilling, while keeping vibrations to a minimum.

Book: How To Win At Life. (£7.99 Kindle, £9.89 Hardback).  Coming in the form of interviews with many of the world's foremost authorities - including Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Tracey Emin, Andy McNab, Tom Daley, Alastair Campbell, Dynamo the magician and many others - this illustrated guide show you how to win at all manner of areas of life, including fashion, sport, food and drink, work, romance, travel and dealing with the unexpected.  This should grace every man’s bookshelf!

Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera Mobile Phone accessory (£215.99). Just because every man should have a thermal imaging camera that fits onto their mobile phone.

When it comes to Father’s Day, it’s not just about socks and smellies anymore (see our fabulous 'Hawkins & Harow Limited Edition gift Set' if you want to go down that road!). With so many great presents out there, the only trouble will be keeping it down to just one.


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