What a Man’s Shoe Says About Him

Theres a saying that you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, but is there any truth behind this? Whether the answer is yes or no, weve taken a look at some classic shoe types and the stereotypes that come with them!


On the opposite end of the style scale, we have Moccasins. A loafer is worn by the preppy type who may not be the most adventurous man - these arent the most practical shoes and they are often paired with light coloured chinos.

Desert Boots

A classic style shoe that meets the two above styles in the middle. Desert boots are a perfect combination of smart and stylish and the owners overall style and personality often reflects this.


Over the last few years, brogues have hit mainstream street style, becoming more of a casual shoe. Brogues are a versatile shoe that can smarten up a pair of jeans or accompany a suit. Worn by the well-groomed type of man.


For the man who likes to dress smart but with a casual edge. Similar to the brogues, these can smarten up casual wear or accompany more formal attire. Either way, he is trying to maintain a more formal and serious image and his well-behaved personality will match this.

Doc Martens

The iconic boots and shoe range were first made popular in the 1960s in punk culture, adopted by skinheads and later the trend caught on to the Mods. The boots and shoes still remain popular today and will always be a shoe associated to creative and alternative types.

Written by Poppy Hanton