Why Use Products Made with Natural Ingredients

Sometimes we think that we are doing the best thing but find that we are actually doing anything but.  This misguided thinking has been responsible for everything from noodles in a pot to the annexation of entire countries, but perhaps none have been more damaging than some of the misplaced advice we get on skincare.

Ever since the 1960’s or even before, we had been content with sticking all manner of chemical-concoctions on your skin and in our hair, and have been quietly suffering for it ever since. 

When we found that we could make every day plastic items out of oil by-products, we also found that we could make so called “beauty” products out of them too. Soaps, shampoos’, conditioners and skin creams, all became cheap witches’ brews of petrol-chemical based products.  Manufacturers found that they could add a nice smell, and convince people to liberally pour them into their skin and into their hair.  Good for the purveyors of cheap and nasty cleaning products, less good for your general wellbeing.  But of late we have got more savvy, and have started actually looking after ourselves, both inside and out.

Market research has found that as many as 92% of us (men and women, that is) use a facial cleanser, 66% a day cream and 48% a night cream. That’s an impressive figure, but even more impressive is the fact that an increasing number of us are using good, natural, products.

The term ‘natural products’ just resonates with shoppers and conjures up a healthy lifestyle that we all crave, and with additives derived from natural products, we just know that it is going to be gentle on out skin. And because of this there is a growing market in so-called “free-from” products, which omit ingredients that the brands have declared bad for many.  We all seem to have the health kick, and it is increasingly extending to the products that we wash in and moisturise with.

Natural cosmetics are those that are obviously made from natural ingredients, and contain minimal – if any - levels of synthetic substances, such as petrochemicals. According to this definition, the European natural cosmetics market was valued at €3.6 billion in 2018 and it is growing year on year.  Companies are switching to natural products because they contain sustainable materials, which lower costs for producers and boost the green economy.  Natural products make sense from everybody’s point of view.

Consumers are keen to reduce their environmental impact, and it makes sense to focus on sustainability by using recyclable packaging. Here at Hawkins & Brimble, we pride ourselves on our use of recycled materials in our packaging along with natural ingredients in our products such as Almond oil, Shea butter, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Cacao, and Tapioca to give a silky-smooth feel to your skin.

With us helping you, using natural products on your skin and hair is easy, and will leave you feeling and looking great. And what’s more, many of Hawkins & Brimble skincare products are certified vegan, so they are not only good for your skin but they are great for the planet too.  Give your skin a treat and bathe it in the good stuff.